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Who am I? What is this website?

I am a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. Communicating with Spirit Guides I am able to channel Divine guidance and wisdom. I provide accurate and specific private or group readings via email, phone, or in person. I have channeled information that is available in several Metaphysical and Spiritual books. Topics range from world events, metaphysical topics, and the nature of this human experience.

The information found here addresses many metaphysical topics, developing mediumship, and many other questions such as life, death, war, current events, religion, and the purpose of many situations we experience in a human lifetime. Many topics concern bringing peace into your life and peace into the world. Several questions also address the connectedness of all things living and non-living and the essence of all things in existence – Energy.

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This goal of the entire website is to create a method to archive and store, and make searchable, the messages and information that I receive from my spirit guides on a daily basis.  To view messages obtained from Spirit Guides please see the Spirit Message Archive 

What services do I offer?