Archangel Oracle and Channeled Messages for 2/15/2018

Do you feel blocked? Is there a hurdle or obstacle to your success and growth? If you feel as though you need some guidance on where to focus right now so that you can overcome, so that you can be successful in whatever it is you’re working on or going through, relax, take a breath, and choose a letter. See the descriptions below for your corresponding card and message.

You can see each message from the specific Archangel, the message that accompanies the card is channeled by Alex, a Spirit Medium, from Dr. Brolovan.

A) Take Back Your Power

Do not give yourself over to people and objects that interest you in a passing way. Reclaim your power, more importantly, reclaim your time. Where does it go? It is spent where you allow it. Make your decisions. Invite others to accompany you, it is not necessary to wait for an opportunity to be a follower.

B) Comfort

The level of comfort you have now can be exponentially increased. If you are unable to swim it is not the awareness that you are in water and not swimming that will help you. It will take focused effort and well-planned and synchronized mental and physical effort and movement. You may feel over your head, but you can educate yourself and learn more by doing and more by seeking knowledge in this particular area.

C) Healthy Lifestyle

Prepare your mind for the work that lay ahead. Provide ample support to your mind, body, and spirit by mindful regeneration and rejuvenation activities. It is not enough to sleep poorly and fix your tiredness with caffeine. It is not enough to sleep well and eat a healthy diet but lack physical activity. Balance and mindfulness to support your energy, your mind, and your body are essential.

D) Relationship Harmony

You may often feel that “ignorance is bliss” or that ignoring the problem will improve the relationship. You may also see the path of ignoring a problem as one that will prevent it from getting worse. In all relationships – friends, coworkers, loved-ones, acquaintances, and objects or ideas – attempting to blissfully sail along without a plan and without attention will not improve the situation. You can clear up discrepancies, you can have more favorable interactions, and you can release that which weighs heavily on you when you choose to make these things a priority. You have the help and assistance of the Divine, but it must be moved to the top of your priority list.

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