A message from your guides for August 3, 2018

I asked for a message that our/your guides have been trying to share with you/everyone and these are the cards and the channeled words I received for you:

There can be so much friction, sarcasm which creates confusion and misinterpretation and misrepresentation of feelings, emotions, and intentions. Even when this is “accepted” it is never truly energetically understood on all levels. There is always a victor and there is always someone who pays or suffers a loss or some cost to there being. It doesn’t take dramatic effort to shift this, but to have clearer communication, to have a concise relationship of any kind it is time to instill peace. Imbue your conversations with peace. It isn’t required that you start with a hug, simply eliminating the misinterpreted language, no matter how much it is part of the banter, will dramatically open and deepen every friendship and deeper relationship you have. It is not a matter of simply shifting your words to another target, it is a matter of you being the genuine you at all times.

You hear these guiding words. You have heard them before today, but it can be difficult to stop the wave of energy that comes from a group or comes from the expectations that others have of us. You’ve felt this guidance before, it is time to practice it. Superficial and quick delight gives immediate gratification but it is short-lived. There is always room for humor, but it is time to make a change in how it is shared and received. No more is it necessary to cloud words, intentions, and communication for social standing. You, even passively, can begin leading as you work to master yourself. It is time for confusion and the groundwork of mistrust to be removed.

This message was received from a Spirit Guide by a medium. To see more messages from Spirit visit the Spirit Message Archive, browse our Spiritual and Metaphysical Books, or book a Reiki session or reading with Alex.

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