Cards and message for April 8, 2019

What do we want? How do we get it?

Today we have two cards from what might seem like opposite sources – the Archangel Oracle and the Halloween Oracle. The Archangel card represents “what we want,” and the Halloween card represents “how we get it.”

We want to breathe, we want to relax, we want to feel as though we’re in control and nothing unexpected is coming our way. This is a little “end game” and we should shift our thinking to realize that we ARE safe, we ARE in control, and there’s NOTHING we can’t handle, overcome, or navigate. We ARE powerful.

Too often it’s the side fear, not the main or primary fear that slows us down or distracts us. We don’t lose sight of our goal because it’s too hard, we lose sight because we’re worried about all the details and secondary plans.

Don’t wrap yourself in worry, worry builds a veil or a wall between you and the world. This creates insulation between us and our goals, us and the world. Worry and fear diminish our effort. We might be giving 110% but because of the unnecessary fear our impact is only 10%. Remind yourself of your power. Remind yourself of your power. Remind yourself of your power! YOU ARE GREAT!

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