Card and message for April 13, 2019

You are not alone. As more and more people become aware of their gifts and their purpose there are going to be more and more people having a similar purpose as yours. Feeling as though you’re taking on the entire world, feeling as though your emotions are incessantly demanding their expression – this is who you are. You were built this strong and with these gifts to help create change upon the earth and within humanity. Never before has there been so many souls united in the same purpose, taking different paths, but all focused on change, awakening, and dramatically shifting the viewpoints of others.

You are not “more emotional” or “more sensitive” or “more demanding” than others. If you easily changed your opinion, if you easily walked away from your soul’s purpose you wouldn’t be tasked with making changes on such a grand scale in this lifetime – you would easily join the “happy-with-how-things-are crowd.”

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