Card and message for April 23, 2019

There haven’t been cards and messages for a few days. I haven’t felt like myself the last several days. It could’ve been lack of sleep, it could be more. Who can say right now? BUT, here’s a card and message for all of us from the Starman Tarot that is a warm and invigorating card for all of us! Pure energy!

Straight from the book, “ I will blow your mind.” You, you will! You will blow theirs and yours! Manifest your reality. Ideas are communicated and brought into the physical world with ease. You have everything you need to create the world you desire. Reconfigure yourself in liberating expressive and complex ways.

Don’t sell yourself short, open and expand your mind! You’re already living in greatness and you have the potential for so much more! The other great thing about this card is that it has no reversal, the meaning doesn’t change when it’s upright or upside down. Just like you – you are perfectly positioned. Each action brings growth and an amazing experience!

Runes can answer your questions right now!

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