Cards and messages for May 26, 2019

Release/Relax + You Already Know

You were born to be passionate and nothing can change that. This card reminds you to focus your emotions and opinions in constructive ways, for the sake of peace. Find a creative and beneficial release. You can ask your guides for an outlet or to guide you in this way. Additionally, you already have the answer, you know the way forward but require confirmation of it. This card asks you to trust yourself. Only good can come from trusting yourself, your guidance, and your intuition.

If you want to confirm what you know, sit for a few minutes, relax and close your eyes. Think about the situation or the question that’s troubling you or on your mind. Now, be still. The answer will come to you. Trust your first image, impressions, or thoughts. Write down and take note of what you feel or now know. If you want to confirm what you know, try the free Odin’s Rune Reading, think of your question, relax, and click. You’ll receive a message in a Rune about your question or situation. You’ll see overlap, you’ll receive confirmation, but no matter of evidence will erase the lack of trust. Have trust, know that you are correct and true, and the rest will fall in line.

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