A channeled message discussing trance mesiumship

A message from Max, a spirit being, discussing Trance Mediumship:

Trance is not some far off distant place. It is very real and a very attainable action and situation. Many achieve this very easily in everyday living but you use it for another purpose. See the similarity between the described trance states for mediumship and day dreaming, lucid dreaming, imagination, reliving past events, watching events unfold in your mind. These are forms of trance. This is regularly attainable by you.

We ask you now, if you wish to communicate with your spirit guides, relatives, or ascended master, what more do you need? The intention. The calling and declaring – “I wish now to call forth the being Abraham Lincoln and I permit him to speak through my body using my vocal components.” This is simple, this is sacred access that you can achieve because you’re already achieving it, you have the support, you have the ability. It is now time to do.

As with all forms of communication you must remain relaxed. Not a mess of muscle and bone thrown on the floor but relaxed so that movements and manipulations can take place. You are in control but restriction and rigid control, or the forceful nature of pushing yourself into some exact state of calm and relaxation is not truly relaxed. Breathe in and out with every part of your being. Allow yourself to unwind. You are safe in this experience. You are reaching out with the protection of your spirit team and you are safe to do so.

Become lost in your breath and allow what might feel like your body adjusting to turn into words. It may feel like an unplanned cough, throat clearing, or movement of the tongue and throat. Allow it to come, allow it to continue. This is the development of your trance mediumship.

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