Halloween Oracle for 10/23/2019

Today’s message comes from the Halloween Oracle deck 🎃 The four cards are:

1. Owl: Wise seeing, wise action
2. Midnight: The most magical hour of all
3. 3. Trick-or-treat: Mischief and play
4. Zombie: Control

The channeled message that comes:

You’ve seen it all, you have observed as much as you can take but it is necessary to make wise choices – no knee-jerk emotion-filled actions or reactions at this time. To begin any process without planning is I’ll advised just as too much planning will prevent you from taking the first step. You may be in the middle of trying to correct the most dire circumstances that exist and it may impact one person or several hundred, the important thing to remember is that more people are attracted to the positive upbeat nature of causes than the destructive forces that you might be up against. It is not the time to fight fire with fire, you’ll find it difficult to attract support this way. Keep the work, the energy, and the intention light, good natured. You’re correct but we need the vibration to be higher in order for it to radiate in all directions and for the work and the message to speak to others who would be interested and help your cause or your plan.

Working in the shadows is ok, a spotlight is not required. Quiet work in the dark corners of the mind or working away from the spotlight is preferred at this time. Grand gestures attempting to overthrow old ways of thinking within yourself or in others are less successful right now. Work within the supercharged solitary environment with your own skills and your own work or with the trusted few. This will boil over eventually and become so contagious you’ll have more help and lore success than you could’ve imagined!

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