Starman Tarot for 10/24/2019: Balance

There are a few things that come up frequently and today we see one of them with the Starman Tarot + Nature.

There is a loss of natural vitality, a disconnect from nature and it’s raw sustenance. An over attachment to creature comforts has zapped you of your strength and sense of purpose. You are operating within your comfort zone. Step out, go barefoot, respond to nature.

The Emperor says to set boundaries and rules, lead by example. Believe in the concrete world around you. Focus on action and results.

In a simple way: Balance, balance your worlds, balance what appears to be your opposites and see that they are connected, not as opposites, but as aspects that fuel you.


If you enjoy the images from this deck you can find the Starman Tarot on Amazon as both a special edition and one that you might feel more comfortable using each day.

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