Mediumship and Message Work: The timing is perfect

Is mediumship mysterious? With cards, pens, tea leaves, pendulums, tunes and more you can divine all manner of answers but when we turn to something less tangible, in a way, less measurable – we can’t see the message coming – there’s a tendency to freeze or doubt or dismiss. The image of the black cat is a perfect message or analogy for mediumship compared to other forms of message work and divination. The black cat is mysterious, different, the outsider, unattainable, isolated – this is often the role of mediumship in our minds. It becomes this separate strange thing that someone else can do, but you’re missing the point that it’s a cat like any other. Just as aloof or playful, no different except on the surface. 

Be patient in your practice. No matter your degree of experience, if you wish to connect to a departed person, relative, or some other specific connection and you’re not hearing or seeing any words or images, ask yourself one question: How does this person make me feel?

If you feel stuck you just might be looking in the wrong place or the wrong way. Any dead famous person or relative, or any ascended spiritual can communicate volumes of information in this way. It’s not your imagination, just find the right key, spirit will fill in the rest. 

It’s time to elevate and practice your craft. This is your sign that right now is the perfect moment. 

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