Cards for November 1, 2019

There are two aspects to this first card that points to the current situation and both are powerful forced to be reckoned with. The first is the power that you possess and the embracing of it. Taking center stage may be the current fear you have. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? What will they say? You’re building doubt upon doubt when there are legitimate problems such as these that you will face that carry any weight, none of these slow you down. The fiery spirit of this card is encouraging you to be bold. Take time to consciously nourish your self confidence and self esteem.

If you’re experiencing opposition this card can also point to a strong or dominating woman that knows no boundaries, limitations, and may have a problem saying “no” in her own life.

The solution?

While we’re experts at compartmentalism the life and forgetting how connected our energy is to other areas we must remember two things as seen in three Archangel Cards: Healthy Lifestyle and Prioritizing. Healthy lifestyle is more than fitness and diet. Energetic thiefs and those things and people that impact your mental health should be seen as an aspect similar to you diet, exercise, and sleep. A bad diet and sedentary lifestyle is physical  turmoil, fighting and belittling or power struggles are sources of emotional turmoil.

Hold yourself true to what is true to you. Things can be second, third, and forth, and so on. All things to be done in this lifetime cannot simultaneously be first.

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