Are you interested in gathering your friends and developing your intuition or discussing other metaphysical, spiritual, or occult topics? Book me for your gathering and we will have a wonderful evening of exploring your own abilities and enjoying the guidance that comes from “the other side.”

Are you hosting an event and you would like to offer your guests a psychic or mediumship reading as part of your event? Book me for your party and I will conduct private readings for your guests.

Fill out the form below to describe your event, location, and what it is your looking for. Am I leading a discussion? Am I providing an interactive psychic event with readings for everyone? Am I sharing messages via private readings? Will I be sharing Reiki with individuals or groups? Will we be learning meditation? Be as descriptive as possible and I will contact you to discuss your event.

As with any event planning and coordinating, it is imperative that you provide as much notice as possible.