We have compiled print and digital books that contain information on spiritual, new age, metaphysical, esoteric, and other topics. The subjects also include the interpretation of current events and actions occurring on our planet, or actions taking place within society or the individual being.

The information found on this site, the Kindle and paperback books, has been gathered by mediums Michael Burke, Alex Zielinski, or other mediums within their family lineage. You can view information about each book and where to download and purchase copies to support those who generated the books, channeled the information, or put it all together in a user-friendly format.

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A Spiritual Perspective: Mass Murder

Adolf Hitler: Savior of Mankind

Annoying Dead People

Ascension or Destruction

Constantine and Elophyny vol. 1

Constantine and Elophyny vol. 2

Dare to Believe

Empowering Women thru Energy-Wisdom

Hologram Experiences for Energy Beings

Holographic Knowledge for Planet Earth

Jesus – The Simple Truth

Mid-East Dilemma & WW-3

Prophecy and The New Earth Religion

Source of All Life

Spiritual Truth: Moving Beyond Religion

You Die, We Grieve, They Rejoice