This human experience is a classroom, and this information pertains to the individual who lived that lifetime known to those on Earth as “Adolf Hitler.” This information will be provided to give a better understanding of the man, and what took place within that human existence, and what his overall role was to be in that lifetime. The cause of many monstrous acts, many see him as a monster, madman, a murderous fanatic. Perhaps he was a catalyst. Perhaps there was a deeper reason for humanity’s experience?

For just a moment, see him from a different perspective, that of a being sent from another dimension to facilitate mankind’s a deeper understanding, spiritual lessons, then you may have another viewpoint to study and ponder over. Life is never, ever, simply what you think you perceive with your physical eyes alone, so much more is taking place behind the curtain, so to speak. Think deeper and open yourself to the true wonders and possibilities of the vastness of all life; Seen and Unseen.

Please note, no one involved in this book supports the ideas represented by Hitler, Nazis, or any other extremist group. This is not a book about alternative history, this book does not make wild claims about the occurrence of the atrocities during WWII and the Holocaust. This is not a book supporting the ideas or actions of Hitler or any of his followers, past or present.

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