The following material is Revised, Updated and Combined from the ‘Constantine & Elophyny’ Vol. 1&2 series. Energy Beings (Souls) from the Spirit Dimension incarnate into the created lower Physical Dimension known to humans as the Universe. Within this universe (created physical matter) is located the planet Earth. In order for the majority of Energy Beings to come and experience this created illusion, they must be cloaked in a physical body/form in order to dwell within this holographic world. In order for these ‘simulated’ lifetimes to seem real and genuine, the Energy Being’s collective memory is temporarily suspended while they play out their chosen life events in the human form. These lifetimes help the Energy Being to advance and grow spiritually for its own personal development and that of the Original Source that created the energy being. The following information is derived from higher evolved beings and collectives who have provided such information in order to assist those in the human form to move forward on their journey of spiritual advancement.

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