Guidance from spirit

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Through the use of meditation, and entering a trance-like state, I am able to communicate with my spirit guides on your behalf, incorporating the information your spirit guides provide, to bring forth answers and guidance to your questions and concerns. All information is given directly to me via clairvoyance and other forms of mediumship. I have many guides and teachers on the non-physical plane but the ones you will see most often are Constantine, Dr. Brolovan, and a group of beings called Elophyny.

I communicate daily with my guides daily for answers to personal questions, a daily message that I provide in the archive, and providing readings and other information. You can read information in the archive that I began recording in 2011. Michael Burke has arranged much of this information, information from other mediums, and other metaphysical/spiritual teachings into books for easy reading and includes many different topics. While many are metaphysical/spiritual in nature they also address the true nature of the world and the causes for many things we experience in the physical plane. All books are free to download and the archive is free to browse and search.

Who am I?

I am a Reiki Master and spirit/light being communicator. I have been receiving messages from spirit in some form throughout my entire life. Having learned what I was experiencing and how to strengthen it, I now work to provide the information from my guides, the creator, and the “other side” has for us. I wish to help those that are seeking guidance and open them to the information that their own guides and the universe wish to bring forth; to enlighten and guide you on your path during the human experience. You are not alone, and working with Reiki and as a medium, I have seen evidence of this time and time again. I strive to bring forth clear messages that help you achieve your highest and greatest good. I look forward to providing you with the peace, happiness, and healing that these gifts have to offer.

To ask questions contact me, to receive a reading for yourself or a party book me.