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To receive a reading please contact me here. The total amount of information you receive depends on what you ask and the information you are seeking, and the information that guides and other beings of light wish to bring forth for you. I communicate with my Spirit Guides to bring a message for you. Many readings result in a two or three-page response. You can see many examples of the length and type of response you might receive by browsing the posts of this site. There are many readings and other various questions I have asked for on behalf of others or to satisfy my own interests.


MichaelThe most profound thing to experience from Alex’s guides is that they not only answered my personal and very private questions, they answered my questions concerning global and universal questions giving me hope and faith in the future of the human race.

MaryDead on!

MeganThe reading that Alex has conducted for me have been helpful, informative, and a push to make certain life decisions. These readings helped to reaffirm what my own intuition had been telling me in regards to changes needing to be made in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. It is great that Alex has the ability to connect with the spirit world in order to get advice and direction on ways to improve my life while being in this human form. These readings have also helped to answer questions of simple curiosity such as why things are the way they are and what is meant by certain things that appear in my life. I am grateful for his ability to provide this information to help answer questions that I would like answered by the spirit world.

ColleenAlex is very accurate. I have had a difficult life and your information truly helped me. The healing energy is very powerful, I have seen so many different heavenly images during the sessions. I feel the presence of angels.

ChristinaI feel like the readings I received were all connected. Life is too short to not be happy and I think I was putting too much time in the wrong direction.

How to obtain a reading

All payments are processed securely with PayPal. Once your payment is received I will contact you via email for the questions or situations that you would like to receive information and guidance about. Once this has been completed I will conduct your reading within the next 24-48 hours and email you the information I received from spirit, as well as any impressions I had before, during, or after.

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