15 titles from Psychic Mediums Alex Zielinski and Michael Burke are available for free! March 14-18 you can read the following digital titles on Amazon. If you’ve been considering learning about this channeled information from spirit as it pertains to the human existence now is a perfect time! You can read any of these if you have a Kindle or Kindle app on your mobile device.

All of these titles are also available as paperbacks and the links below will take you to both editions.

Enjoy your reading!

  • Ascension or Destruction LINK
  • Dare to Believe LINK
  • You Die, We Grieve, They Rejoice LINK
  • Constantine & Elophyny Extraterrestrial Communication Vol. 1 LINK Vol. 2 LINK
  • Why Jesus Won’t Return LINK
  • Annoying Dead People LINK
  • Hologram Experiences for Energy Beings LINK
  • Empowering Women thru Energy Wisdom LINK
  • Spiritual Truth: Moving Beyond Religion LINK
  • Prophecy America 2030-2145 LINK
  • Source of all Life LINK
  • The Soothsayer from Boskoop LINK
  • Prophecy & New Earth Philosophy LINK
  • Mid-East Dilemma & WW3 LINK
  • Holographic Knowledge for Planet Earth LINK

This is not top secret information. It may be considered occult or metaphysical but you can absolutely share this with others who might find it interesting. It can be a bit overwhelming to see this many books and choose a few. The most popular one at the different shows and events I go to is always Spiritual Truth: Moving Beyond Religion and both copies of the Constantine and Elophyny books. While it wasn’t the first book created it is a good starting point, Source of All Life.

If you enjoy these, and even if you don’t, please leave us a review on Amazon. It’s incredibly helpful and we would appreciate it!