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Holistic Decision-Maker Package

Is it time to change jobs or is it time to focus on the promotion? Is it time to focus on what I want or focus on what everyone tells me is responsible? Receive life-coaching guidance, messages from spirit guides, energy work, and tools to navigate your decisions, assist you in reaching your goals, and provide clarity! Four services to maximize your potential! Suggested that these services be scheduled over a 7-14 day period.

What do you get?

  • 60-minute Psychic Coaching for your upcoming decisions. What do the angels, spirit guides, and others have to say about your options? Where does this path lead you if you? What happens next from a higher perspective?
  • 30-minute Psychic/Mediumship Reading to deliver messages for your highest good. No matter what you believe is important right now, let’s find out what your spirit guides and loved ones have to say. What is the high-priority message the other side wants you to know right now?
  • 30-minute Distance Reiki Session to assist your energy body in maintaining your energy balance and health. What are the emotional roots of the physical discomfort or pain that you experience? Relaxing, energetically balancing, calming, and spiritually centering.
  • One Clarity-100 Candle charged with the spiritual and energetic support to help connect you to your intuition and spirit guides to help navigate life’s choices and pinpoint the reason behind the events that occur in your life. This is a beeswax candle charged with over 100 hours of energy and intention that can be used during your own meditation practice or burned anytime clarity is needed.

$400 value for just $369.99!!

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Psychic/Mediumship Readings

  • Email – What is the highest priority message that the spirit world has for you right now? Connecting with spirit guides and angels, let’s see what they see as the most important thing for you right now. The resulting message may be 3-7 pages long and is dependent on what your guides have to share for you (due to the nature of this communication it is not possible to ask initial or follow-up questions for this reading method). Depending on the season please allow 24-72 hours for completion.
  • Phone – Connecting for messages on your behalf in addition to what spirit guides and other beings have to share for you from their perspective. During any phone reading, you have the opportunity to ask questions. A recording will not be provided.
  • Party & Events – Readings can be provided to groups, or privately at parties. Themed events can focus unique skills such as developing intuition, learning Reiki, or receiving readings. Please contact me to discuss your needs and interests.

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Email Reading $45
30-Minute Phone Reading $65 
60-Minute Phone Reading $130 


Often referred to as acupuncture without needles, Reiki is not dependent on, improved by, nor work to a lesser degree based on religious belief. Reiki supports any traditional medical treatment and works in conjunction with all medical and therapeutic techniques. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki is not limited by time or space. Science has shown the ability of Reiki to improve healing, reduce pain, and improve or reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and others.

  • Distance – Receive 30 minutes of Reiki while you relax comfortably in your own home. The session can leave you feeling relaxed or experiencing energetic waves of energy. This session takes place no matter where you live. All that is required is a calm environment where you can sit or lay undisturbed for the length of the session.
  • Distance Packages – Sessions can be purchased in advance in a group of five for a savings of $30.
  • An entire year of Reiki, save $260! – One 30-minute session per week for a year!
  • Party & Events – Reiki can be learned in small groups and it can be experienced as part of your event or party for groups or individuals. Please contact me to discuss your needs and interests.

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30-Minute Distance Reiki Session $35
60-Minute Distance Reiki Session $65
5 30-Minute Distance Reiki Sessions $145
Save $30
One Year of Reiki, 52 30-Minute Distance Reiki Sessions
Save over $450